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Roadworthy Inspections

Roadworthy Inspections

Officially known as a Certificate of Roadworthiness. A Roadworthy Certificate is issued by Licensed Vehicle Testers in Victoria and is required when a vehicle is sold or when re-registering a previously used vehicle.

For a Roadworthy Certificate to be issued, the major components in the vehicle have to be in a satisfactory condition and the vehicle is safe for normal road use. The list of items commonly inspected include,


Condition of Tyres and Wheels


Steering, Suspension, Braking Systems


Seat Condition, Seat Belts, Lamps & Reflectors


Windscreen, Windows, Front Windscreen wiper and washer


Vehicle Structure Integrity


Any other items that negatively affect the safety of the vehicle

Please Note that a Roadworthy Certificate does not represent the overall condition of the vehicle. Non-Essential items such as Air Conditioning, Audio Systems or non-safety related mechanical components may not be inspected if not required as part of the Roadworthy Inspection.

Quick Tips:

These are the following tests you can conduct at home prior to making an appointment to give you an indication if your vehicle will pass a Roadworthy Inspection.

Measure the depth of the tread on the tyres. Any part of a tyre which comes into contact with the road must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Check all your lights to ensure that they are working. All exterior lights (Except Fog Lights) must be fully operational and visible in daylight conditions. While checking lights, also look for cracked or severely scratched lenses.

Check to ensure all your seat belts can be securely buckled and tensioners are working.