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Minor/Major Servicing

Brake repairs

When your brakes are feeling spongy, 191 Automotive has the knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose the issue before providing competitively-priced repairs.


Logbook Servicing

The original vehicle manufacturer designed your vehicle and the service manual describes the manufacturers recommended servicing requirements.

Air conditioning

Air Conditioning & Re Gas

Uncomfortable temperatures seems to be magnified when you are behind a wheel, but maintaining functional AC and heat systems in your vehicle can make your drive more pleasurable. Melbourne’s temperatures can very harsh during summer.

Pre Purchase Safety Inspections

Coolant flush and change

Some vehicles are equipped with a low coolant sensing system. Should this light come on, have your vehicle inspected for leaks or other possible causes for the low coolant level.

Clutch Repairs

Major and Minor Services

Minor doesn’t imply that this car service is any less important than a major service. Instead it infers that this essential service is relatively quick – preventing unnecessary wear, failure, and damage to your vehicles major parts.

R.W.C Tester

Roadworthy Inspections

Officially known as a Certificate of Roadworthiness. A Roadworthy Inspections is issued by Licensed Vehicle Testers in Victoria and is required when a vehicle is sold or when re-registering a previously used vehicle.

Pre Purchase Safety Inspections

Transmission Services

Every car owner understands the importance of servicing their vehicle. Doing so on a regular basis is essential to having a car that operates consistently, and keeps spontaneous breakdowns to a minimum.

Clutch Repairs

Mechanical Services

Are what we are all about. Having a trusted mechanic make all the necessary changes, replacements and updates to your vehicle is one of the biggest challenges that you may face when it comes to getting your vehicle adequately serviced.